VATGlobal has launched vlearn, a knowledge platform drafted by an internal team of chartered tax and accountancy professionals that purports to be the first key central repository for EU VAT information for businesses. Product testing highlighted a significant reduction in time when finding and applying the right information to ensure compliance and best practice for customers. VATGlobal chief executive Gareth Kobrin said: “vlearn has been developed to evolve at pace with the ever-changing global digital tax landscape. Our team of VAT specialists is consistently evaluating all tax changes in different markets which means any new VAT laws that come about as a result of Brexit will be incorporated into the solution. Of course when it comes to Brexit the constantly changing landscape makes it hard to predict anything, but what we can do is look at the deal Boris Johnson has currently agreed with the EU. Under the new protocol outlined in the current Brexit deal, very simply put – EU rules on VAT will apply in Northern Ireland, with the UK responsible for their collection.”

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