A new study by PwC has found that over 55% of GDP gains from artificial intelligence (AI) could come in the area of labour productivity, with the technology playing a part in global GDP’s possible increase by a total of $15.7trn in the next decade. PwC’s new Global Artificial Intelligence Study revealed that of this, $6.6trn is expected to come from a rise in productivity, with $9.1trn resulting from consumption-side effects. The report advises: “The ultimate commercial potential of AI is doing things that have never been done before, rather than simply automating or accelerating existing capabilities. Some of the strategic options that emerge won’t match past experience or gut feelings.” It continues: “As a business leader, you may therefore have to take a leap of faith. The prize is being far more capable, in a far more relevant way, than your business could ever be without the infinite possibilities of AI.”

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