Proptech firm Arbnco has won government funding to improve energy efficiency among SMEs, partnering with Energy Systems Catapult to deliver a digital support platform which will seek to eliminate barriers to improving energy efficiency. It is estimated that SMEs, which account for 99% of businesses, are responsible for more than 50% of energy use. Arbnco’s DEEP digital platform will generate a bespoke list of energy efficiency measures for SMEs, including costs and finance options, and a business case for implementing energy efficiency. Andrew Stewart, research and development manager at Arbnco, outlined how the project could open up access to energy efficiency projects. He said: “SMEs account for over half of the UK’s energy use, but when it comes to energy efficiency projects they are often hampered by a lack of expertise or capital . . . DEEP aims to increase accessibility and help SMEs identify the quick wins that could reduce energy bills and increase carbon savings. We want DEEP to be a one-stop shop for businesses to identify and prioritise energy efficiency projects, and find the appropriate finance and best supplier for the chosen retrofit project. ”

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