As automation systems and programmes become more widely-used across the accountancy sector, professionals are urging the industry to keep up with the changes. According to the interactive website, accountants and auditors have an estimated 94% chance of becoming mostly automated. Nevertheless, because robots are extremely adept with things that accountants waste their valuable time doing, such as compiling lists or generic bookkeeping, so accountants should not be afraid of making their work lives easier. At the latest AICPA & CIMA Women Leadership Conference Europe, AICPA’s executive vice president Clar Rosso explained that accountancy jobs were not going away, because humanity is still important within automation. “You can use robotic process automation for looking to generate insights, and put a bit more on the cognitive skills. The World Economic Forum has a list. This is what it says is going to be relevant and important for you to know: critical problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, people management, coordinating with others, emotional intelligence, judgement, decision making, negotiation and cognitive flexibility.”

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