As law firms embrace the cloud, the hybrid model is key to success in the face of fundamental operational change

The legal sector is undergoing a revolution: the traditional model of billing by charging per hour is moving towards an outcome-based, subscription delivery model – clients are less likely looking to pay for several hours, but instead an outcome.

The eBook, “In the move to productisation, law firms reach for the cloud”, explores how law firms can use technological advancement to turn this potential threat into an opportunity.

The legal sector’s unique combination of applications, legacy infrastructure and the sensitive needs of clients points to an expertly tailored hybrid cloud solution.

But there are still some challenges: “The reasons firms don’t adopt cloud has very little to do with the service that’s being offered, and almost everything to do with the complexity of what they already have,” says Andrew Powell, CIO of Macfarlanes.

This eBook explores how law firms can overcome challenges such as:

  • Regulatory hurdles, and how they vary between geographies
  • The complexity of existing systems
  • The issue of cost
  • Hesitancy among conservative clients

If you want to learn more about overcoming cloud challenges, simply download the ebook below.

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