DPR and ClearBank are aiming to provide their clients with a greater range of benefits through a recently-announced integrated partnership, which combines DPR’s enhanced platform for retail and business savings with ClearBank’s real-time, multi-scheme, single channel APIs. Dave Patel, co-founder and CEO of DPR observed: “We’ve found a long-term partner in ClearBank to bring real-time banking and payment services to our existing client base. Having completed our initial integration for one client, we’re really pleased to be able to extend this integration to all customers of our enhanced banking platform.” Meanwhile Charles McManus, CEO of ClearBank stated: “ClearBank recognises the important strategic role that core banking providers play for financial institutions across the spectrum. We are delighted to be partnered with DPR, one of the most respected providers in the industry, for fully integrated origination and servicing solutions.”

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