From a MAPP perspective, effective collaboration is one of our core strategic strengths, and we see this as a genuine competitive advantage in our market. Collaboration ensures that we are able to provide clients and occupiers with best in-class solutions from businesses who focus on their core strengths in exactly the same way that MAPP focuses on delivering property management as a core component.

In the technology space, Software as a Service (SaaS) has levelled the playing field to a large extent, so that smaller, more nimble or agile property management businesses are able to compete with the behemoths that navigate the real estate oceans. We now have access to solutions developed by specialists in their chosen field and can both bring those to market and scale those faster than larger businesses. In return, our partners often find that it is far easier to collaborate with a business that is closer to the decision-making process and is both willing, and able, to work with them to help develop the product in a mutually beneficial process.

There won’t be anyone reading this who hasn’t seen technological infrastructure projects fail completely or fail to deliver on time and on budget when delivered with an in house resource that is overstretched and under resourced.

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