Professional Services: An industry preparing for a sea change, and a lesson to eat the elephant piece by piece

People often think it’s ‘eating the entire elephant in one go, or nothing’ when it comes to consuming cloud. Our experience shows that almost always, the best approach is to start small and build up to more extensive cloud services.

This was my conclusion after I attended the latest Alternative Technology & Innovation Leaders’ Summit for Professional Services, where Rackspace was a key sponsor. I met with law firms representing the whole spectrum of cloud transformation maturity. There really is no single silver bullet for cloud success in this unique industry: firms are discovering that they need to experiment to work out what’s best for them.

The summit gathered heavy hitters from the professional services sector who wanted to see and be seen, and to learn about solutions that will enable their organisations to be more competitive and impactful. I was particularly keen to put my ear to the ground to hear what people in the legal sector are thinking about these issues, as Rackspace is making a big push into this arena.  Which buzzwords got everyone’s attention that day, both during the panel discussions and at the bar afterwards…

As I had expected, productisation was one of the big themes – law firms are pivoting from an engagement model (fees for time) into a more modern operational model where clients simply pay for outcomes.

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