I am not a big fan of ‘buzz’ words but I think that ‘collaboration’ has earned its place as such a word. The use of collaboration is now pervasive within teams, so much so that I think it’s worthwhile bringing it to life to further understand the excitement it presents. Collaboration is a hot topic at the moment and can, arguably, be described as the bedrock of functional teams.

The world we work in has changed and continues to change to reflect the demands on businesses that have to operate in an unprecedented fast-evolving digital age. It is a fiercely competitive landscape, regardless of the market. The consumer of services holds all the cards with limited loyalty to suppliers. This means that businesses have to increasingly find innovative ways to engage with consumers to retain their loyalty. For businesses to achieve this, they need to be able to seamlessly offer their services across different sales channels, be it direct, e-commerce or telephony and in some cases, cross-border. In addition, employees now assert more control over their working lives and no longer have unquestioned loyalty to their employers. Whilst this is not a bad thing it means employers now have to focus much more on how to attract and keep talent.

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