Building on our theme around the client of the future as summarised in my previous article, and also the workplace transformation article, throughout October we will be exploring collaboration by examining the pros and cons of internal and external collaboration models, how collaboration impacts and benefits the organisation and how it should be considered from a competitive and thus strategic standpoint due to its ability to bring together resources and exponentially increase capabilities.

By collaborating more effectively with clients there seems little question that better outcomes result, but how do firms effectively embrace this new, more open, and more uncertain approach in what can sometimes be risk-averse firm cultures.

In order to provoke some thought I wanted to share some perspectives I have heard previously at some of the Alternative events and which I have previously written about across a number of articles. Perhaps the biggest challenge to my mind is that the majority of firms, when asked about their innovation goals, say that it is around delivering better client outputs, and yet at the same time most acknowledge that the majority of their innovation activity is around internal efficiency. As I wrote about in my earlier article for Alternative Insights, this disconnect in goals and actions risks leading to an “authenticity” challenge for firms.

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