In order to provoke some thought when we launched the workplace transformation & next generation employee topic, I shared some perspectives I have heard previously at some of the Alternative events and which I have previously written about across a number of articles. Perhaps the biggest challenge to my mind is the changing perspective on aspirations of the next generation moving into the workforce and the way in which this will impact the historic professional services models. One of the recent panel sessions that struck me the most was at the recent Tech & Innovation Professional Services leaders summit as I wrote about in my previous article. As I said following the event, what was genuinely interesting was hearing from the next generation of innovators, the trainees and associates across the different firms. It was here that I saw the genuine challenge to the partnership structure in how to retain talent to drive innovation. This generation that has so much to offer, the so-called “digital natives”, pretty much all said that partnership wasn’t necessarily something they aspired to. For me, this was the big takeaway; that this generation, that will drive so much of the innovation, has a different value set and will perhaps cause more positive disruption for professional services operating models than any particular technology.

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