A report from the Law Society of England and Wales says that while technology has the potential to unlock justice for all, it will not necessarily be a “silver bullet.” The report warns that confusion, variation and fragmentation are all barriers to improving access to justice through innovation and technology. The Society’s report looked at 50 initiatives and interviewed more than 45 stakeholders to determine whether technology is the key to unlock the potential of law, concluding that with the right support from government, technology can deliver access to justice innovation. Law Society of England and Wales president Simon Davis said firms and in-house teams are utilising technology “to serve more effectively the needs of often vulnerable clients” but warned that greater support is needed for “meaningful impact.” The report says that better data management, information sharing and co-ordination is needed. Mr Davis said, “Government must recognise that technology alone cannot provide a silver bullet: use of technology needs to be part of a wider innovation strategy.”

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