Deloitte research indicates that the number of organisations around the world with automation able to handle a growing amount of work in a capable, cost-effective manner has doubled this year, with 8% of businesses having already delivered over 50 automations in the last 12 months. The report says these early adopters of innovations in artificial intelligence and automation are experiencing benefits while laggards are becoming aware that it’s time to act. Potential rewards of the technology include improved operational efficiencies, reduced human error risk and growth in the share of staff that can focus on value-added roles. David Wright, Partner at Deloitte, said: “It is exciting to see that [automation] is finally being embraced in a sizeable way, but there is now an urgent need for leaders to address the impact it will have on the workforce. A lot more thought needs to be given to the integration of humans and machines and the new roles that will be created.” Justin Watson, Global Robotic and Intelligent Automation Leader at Deloitte, added: “Organisations that reimagine how they work, take advantage of a combination of human and machine workforces, and have the skills and knowledge to harness intelligent automation will be best placed to take advantage of the opportunities the technologies promise.”

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