Gen Z are eyeing up their future employers – is the legal sector ready for them?

Our next generation employee is not far away. With high expectations for technology, flexible work-life arrangements and a ready-made entrepreneurial mind-set, Rae Digby Morgan from Wilson Fletcher explores what this evolution looks like in the legal sector – and is it ready?

What does the future legal employee look like?

Career paths through the legal sector are already becoming more divergent and meandering (and note my reference to the ‘legal employee’ as opposed to ‘lawyer’ above). There is a growing shift in focus from maximum remuneration to work-life health and balance, and we should expect to see that reflected throughout the legal sector as it accommodates the Gen Z employee of the future.

They are confident with technology

Tomorrow’s legal employee will be self-assured in the technology domain, to say the least. They can already pay for something using facial recognition, use their phone as a boarding pass, so they aren’t going to tolerate tech that is clunky and under delivers when at work. Their expectation is that technology used at work will be the peer of technology used in every other aspect of life –

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