Accountancy firm re-signs contract for managed user support and hosted desktop solution.

Following a successful 4-year service, Perth-based accountancy firm, Morris & Young have renewed their contract with Oosha for a further 3-year period. Up to this point, a trusted working relationship has developed, which only looks set to strengthen as existing services continue to be delivered and systems are optimised.

Over the previous term, Oosha has implemented and maintained a high level of support for Morris & Young’s hosted desktop solution.  This, alongside offering managed user support to their 40+ users, has resulted in Morris & Young choosing to stay with Oosha.

During the coming 3-year period, Oosha will look to update the current solution in place. Adopting a new version of hosted desktop, Oosha will bring Morris & Young in-line with the new changes in technology available. Morris & Young will look to maximise Microsoft’s public cloud offering, in combination with Oosha’s private cloud.

Morris & Young needed to maintain a modern solution to ensure the continued high performance of their  IT platform, allowing them to best serve their clients. The updates to the server infrastructure will give increased longevity to the solution, providing a more stable and reliable system.

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