With the average workforce in 2020 said to comprise 35% millennials, 35% Generation X, 24% Generation Z and only 6% Baby Boomers, Alex examines the big challenge for businesses, and the implication for the real estate industry, when it comes to workplace transformation – how to accommodate for a diverse workforce with varying working styles and needs?

When thinking about this title, it got me thinking about my typical work day. The problem is, I don’t have one. And perhaps that is the point.

I have a lot of meetings. It comes with the job. But I try to combine as many meetings as I can into two working days (although it rarely works out that way) so that I can keep other days free. I work from home at least once a week which is my time to focus on getting things done. That said, with the ease of video conferencing, I’d say about half my meetings are online – so in reality I conduct meetings from the office, home, café or train.

The point is, for me, the office is a place to meet. Not just organised meetings with colleagues, clients or suppliers, but impromptu meetings – in the café or in the breakout area.

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