The Authentic Accountant – Webinar With Blaire Palmer

The Five Shifts To Create Stronger Relationships With Your Clients

Tuesday 1st October at 12.30

This is a free webinar aimed at progressive accountants who are keen to explore new ways of thinking.

In the webinar you will discover:

  • How to put purpose at the heart of all your relationships
  • What it means to be intimate with clients
  • How to really listen to your clients
  • How radical collaboration can eliminate the competition
  • What is “bug fixing” with clients and how it builds trust

Blaire Palmer is a world authority on the changing face of leadership an Accounting Excellence judge.  An author, speaker, coach, consultant and commentator on future trends in business, with nearly two decades of experience coaching and provoking boards and senior leaders.

Blaire shares her funny, insightful and challenging ideas about leadership and change with audiences around the globe, inspiring them to find ways to start running their companies in partnership with their people, lose the ego around leadership and re-think what leaders are here for in the post-Industrial, personalised age.

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