Coffin Mew: Workplace Transformation and the Next Generation Employee

Charlotte Allery and Liz Cheaney consider how the days of being chained to a desk in an office from 9-5 awaiting promotion are long gone – the calls for flexibility, trust and empowerment in the workplace are getting louder.

The workplace has and will always remain a place of change; innovation, technology, new products and ideas keep businesses at the very top of their game.  Now, attracting and retaining the best talent means examining the way we work and the way we reward staff is crucial.

The next generation entering the labour market is looking for more than just a wage and expect their employers to offer alternative ways of working and benefits. For example, statistics released by Circle Research and Vodafone reveal that just under half of graduates interviewed would switch jobs in order to have more flexible working opportunities, and two-thirds of millennials starting their career wanted to be able to work flexible hours.

Importantly, given the instant reactivity of the technology and platforms they use, the next generation workforce seek recognition and are often independent, competitive and are more inclined to want to work on their own terms, such is the rise of the gig economy.

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