The future client of accounting is tech savvy and ambitious: is your firm ready to help them thrive?

Digital technology is reinventing accounting and finance. The image of the accountant sifting through shoeboxes of receipts and entering endless client data into spreadsheets may well be in the past. The client is also evolving with the times. Simon Leek, founder and CEO of FibreCRM, advises firms on how to get up to speed with innovation and to start thriving online.

A generation of ambitious, small- and medium-sized business owners has emerged (SMEs), enjoying on-demand services wherever they are in the world. These future clients run their lives and businesses online, through smart phones and mobile apps. From their accountants, they’re no longer looking for just routine end-of-year accounting and tax advice; they want advisory services to help their businesses thrive. Progressive accounting firms understand this and are harnessing opportunities opened up by cloud technology and the ability to see client data in real time.


New advisory services are driving value in the accounting industry. But a great many firms are still not in a position to meet these new market demands. For example, the future client will value expert advice on the best technology for cash flow forecasting.

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