Technological advances provide fresh ways to look at cities

PlaceTech features a report on some new ways potential property markets can be analysed, with advances in site assessment tools, measuring economies and data mapping making the process easier. Property data specialists LandInsight, Nimbus Maps, REalyse and Datscha “combine beautiful design with easy-to-use functionality and a broad mix of datasets,” while add-ons like MASS Reports “can help sharpen focus and produce feasibility studies cheaply and in a quicker turnaround than most planners and architects could manage,” it notes. Market forecast, digital modelling, sharing and engagement are listed as other important factors, and Cindy McLaughlin, CEO of Envelope, is quoted as saying: “The more quickly you get accurate information, the better positioned you’ll be to make real estate decisions… Tech-enabled professional zoning services, which combine more accurate data and calculations with the real-world experience of a local expert, are a great way to get better information, faster, and at a lower cost.”

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