Number of firms scaling automation doubles this year

A new study from Deloitte has found that 8% of organisations globally have already delivered over 50 automations in the last 12 months, with artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation disrupting firms around the world. Early adopters of these processes have seen operational efficiencies improved, human error risk reduced and the proportion of time that staff are able to focus on value-added activities increased. With the number of firms to have deployed more than 50 automations rising from 4% in 2018 to 8% this year, David Wright, Partner at Deloitte, remarked: “Automation has been top of the business agenda for many years, promising to boost productivity, cut costs and redefine the role of the worker. It is exciting to see that the technology is finally being embraced in a sizeable way, but there is now an urgent need for leaders to address the impact it will have on the workforce.” The study suggests that 30% of respondents strongly believe they know how to get the best from these technologies, while a further 48% agree.

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