How automation can disrupt the property sector

PlaceTech reports on the rise of automation behind the scenes in the property sector, noting that while it is often overshadowed by other technologies it is already being used in building the Internet of Things, in construction disruption and in addressing the demand for data. It noted that while automation will become essential to enhance the property industry, fears of related job losses remain, with the replacement of humans with robotic counterparts “a very real possibility” in some cases. Nigel Dalton, chief inventor at the Real Estate Advertising Group (REA), says real estate robots could replace agents as early as next year, but predicts that only “average” agents will be affected. Automating processes such as data collection and processing “will allow individuals in the sector to better focus their more human attributes,” the article notes, while virtual assistants and chat-bots are already forming close relationships with both clients and agents.

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