It is fair to say that technology is shaping and transforming every aspect of our lives, including the working environment. Cultural shifts are evident in the way people now interact through their reliance on technology in their day-to-day lives, and meeting the rapidly changing and increasing demands of technology is challenging for any organisation. Organisations are also increasingly seeing how the power of technology can help them make the workplace a more effective and optimised environment. In future, organisations will need to update their employee skill-set in order to service a rapidly evolving set of client offerings. Generational changes in attitudes are also challenging some of the established incentivisation structures historically used in professional services.

Building on our theme around the client of the future as summarised in my previous article, throughout September we will be examining the characteristics of the next generation employee, their expected approach to the working world and the corresponding requirements. We will be evaluating the changing shape of the working environment, the impact this is having on the business, its infrastructure and the workforce, whilst along the way examining the disruption and transformation needed across the organisation, strategically, culturally and technically.  We will be asking what the next generation employee looks like in your industry and how we solve the problem of workplace transformation when the next generation employee potentially no longer identifies with the historical motivations such as striving for partnership.

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