Daniel Teacher: Workplace Transformation and the Next Generation Employee

Daniel Teacher examines the likely aspirations of the next generation and the part agile and flexible working, fast working technology, communication and work culture plays when it comes to this month’s Alternative Insights topics of Workplace Transformation and the Next Generation Employee, highlighting how accountancy practices could consider transforming the workplace for a generation that live and breathe technology…

What does the next generation employee look like in your industry?

Members of the next generation – Gen Z – are innately digital. They know nothing different to having instant access to the internet or a smartphone, it has always been the norm. This demands a certain level of technological expectation as they move into the world of work. This makes me question – how do accountancy practices transform the workplace for a generation that live and breathe technology?

Gen Zers:

Let’s dive into some of the workplace aspirations and demands I expect from the next generation…

Agile flexible working: being tied down to legacy systems is a thing of the past. Despite practices being aware of this, so many are far from delivering a truly digital environment. The next generation expect the ability to be productive from any location on any device.

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Daniel Teacher

Daniel Teacher