Why customer experience is the key to serving the client of the future

The client of the future will expect more – more value for money, simplicity, speed and transparency. Matthew Newton, Joint Managing Director of Oosha the cloud desktop and managed IT service provider, layouts out the case for utilising the latest technologies and virtual infrastructures to improve efficiency, transparency, security and personalisation of the client experience… 

As in all industries, the client of the future will expect more. More value for money. More simplicity. More speed. More transparency. And more personalisation. The bar is being raised every day because of our experiences as consumers of digital products and services.

It’s no wonder why businesses of all shapes and sizes are investing heavily in improving their customer experience (CX). Driven by customer demand and reduced loyalty, organisations are racing to create a frictionless and superior service – but it requires the business as a whole to make transformative change.

For law firms, accountancies and others in professional services, creating a superior customer experience – or more appropriately, ‘client experience’ – may not be as easy to define as say an airline or hotel chain. Technology will have a huge part to play and lessons can be learnt from other sectors that may have been quicker to face digital disruption.

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