This is 2019!

Finance, tax, HR and sales functions typically operate and deliver their services using dedicated platforms. Whether based on SAP, Oracle, Sage, Workday, Salesforce or other systems, these platforms provide the workflows, processes, templates and essential operational data that make efficient and successful operations possible.

The functions that use them know what work they have, where it is coming from, what its value/risk is, who is handling it, how long it takes, why it closed. Their leaders have insight through real-time and trend dashboards and reports that allow them to manage their teams tactically and strategically, driving transformation. They have the means to support and, where appropriate, lead decision-making at the executive level.

Lots of shiny toys and no Platform. It is remarkable that this position exists in 2019 when data is the new oil and digitisation is a driving organisational strategy.

Until recently many professional services firms, and particularly law firms and corporate legal departments, had no access to comparable platforms. Only point solutions such as case/matter management, e-billing, and document review were available. As a result, neither comprehensive operational data nor structured work management were in sight.

Lots of shiny toys and no platform.

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