If you want to design tomorrow’s client experience, don’t start in the past

Genuinely innovative services inspire new behaviours in customers. The best way to conceive the kind of breakthrough ideas that make this possible is to free yourself from the past. In this article, the latest in Alternative Insights Client of the Future series, Rae Digby-Morgan and Mark Wilson from Wilson Fletcher discuss why current state analysis can stop you achieving a bold step forward.

“So… how do you approach analysing our existing performance: I assume that’s something you want to do before starting to design the future experience?”

This question was posed a few days ago by a prospective media client. Their assumption was, quite logically I suppose, that we would interrogate their analytics and conduct a detailed analysis of their diverse digital estate before we kicked off work on shaping an entirely new service. This comes up in law firms relentlessly: surely we must spend many weeks mapping established complex legal processes before we produce something worth the post-its it’s written on.

Our answer to the earlier question was:

“Our approach is always the same: we don’t start with the past.”

We get posed questions like this all the time.

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