Today’s comment on Alternative Insights pain point series for The Client of the Future – Innovating around the Client Experience, comes from Nigel Stott, Head of IT at Hudgell Solicitors, who argues that with the modern consumers expectations raised year on year, the convenience and speed experienced across these environments will define the expectations of the Legal services client of the future…

Client experience (or “CX” if you prefer) drives the performance of every modern service business. Convenience and speed are ubiquitous as companies everywhere are clamouring to innovate in their industry space. In a world where we can apply for a credit card in less than two minutes or receive our groceries less than an hour after ordering them, the modern consumer has their expectations raised year on year.

For most consumers, the purchasing of legal services is something they do very few times in their lives. Their desired experience will be based on the countless other services they have interacted with and their expectations with law firms will be no different. In the legal industry, there is a huge opportunity to gain competitive advantage using the same convenience and speed metrics.

Many law firms are utilising or starting to investigate the use of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to improve their initial engagement process to reduce demands on resource.

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