Within the Alternative Insights pain point series on The Client of the Future – Innovating around the Client Experience, today’s perspective on the Accountancy sectors’ approach to innovating around the client experience comes from Cameron John, UK & Ireland Leader at accounting automation software provider Silverfin, who advises that data and process automation are the starting points to building a client, value-based business model of the future…

For accountants, the services their clients’ value are changing. The client of the future wants more advice. They won’t just turn to their accountant when it’s time for compliance reporting. They want to benefit from their expert, and trusted, advice to help improve their businesses, in real-time. That means a significant rethink about the type of services firm’s provide, how they are delivered, the skills future accounting teams need, and critically, from Silverfin’s perspective as a cloud software innovator to the profession, the tools and technology they use to deliver these services. The firms that get this right will benefit from this shift over time to delivering value-added advisory services and have a more competitive compliance businesses too.

So how do you respond to this shift in client needs now – get ahead and build a ‘future’ firm today?

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