Using data to fill skills gaps web

Using data to fill skills gaps

New research suggests more than half of skills gaps could be fixed through optimised use of data and insight in learning. The research from Knowledgepool found that only 45% of L&D leaders say they only ‘sometimes’ use people data to inform their learning strategies and over half (55%) admit that they only use learning data ‘sometimes’ to inform learning delivery and content. Dan Ferrandino, managing director at Knowledgepool, said: “It’s essential that L&D departments are able to use data and insight to identify skills gaps, ensure learning delivery is aligned to overall business strategy and to measure and report the impact of all learning interventions and investment in terms of business outcomes . . . By adopting a data-driven approach to learning, L&D leaders can make ongoing, lifetime learning an essential component of a future-looking employee proposition, and encourage a culture of learning.”

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