Google backed proptech firm raises £1.5m web

Google-backed proptech firm raises £1.5m

AI-powered property management platform AskPorter has raised a further £1.5m in seed funding. AskPorter acts as a digital assistant between landlords and tenants, helping to set up quickly everything from utility bill payments to arranging cleaning. The platform logs every interaction between stakeholders and they are all tracked and searchable. AskPorter CEO Tom Shrive said: “Looking to the future, well-run properties will largely be managed by an AI assistant that has all the context of an actual manager and complete data transparency, freeing them up to focus on delivering value-added, human-touch experience to occupants . . . AskPorter’s technology already reduces the time spent managing a maintenance task from an average of 45 minutes to only three minutes. Over the next six to 12 months, we will emulate these savings across the entire property management spectrum.”

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