AI will realign the labour market says PA web

AI will realign the labour market, says PA

A new report from PA Consulting details the realignment of the labour market that AI will precipitate. Organisations will find that AI technology will create more work than it replaces – but this work will require employees with a substantively different skill-set that is the result of a higher level of training. PA recommends that companies embarking on digitalisation projects shape a people strategy for AI and automation and partner with operations and technology leaders to look at how staff will need to change to work effectively in an AI enabled environment. PA says the positive benefits of new technologies around wellbeing and personal development need to be conveyed to employees and training and support must be planned to ensure learning keeps pace with technology. PA report authors Katharine Henley and Jennifer Cable say: “Success hinges on the human factor. By connecting their workforce to these new technologies, business leaders and HR professionals can create more jobs, not less, provide more interesting roles and unleash the ingenuity of their people.” Another study from McKinsey & Company has found that more than 60% of all work activities could be in some manner automated by 2055.

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