As we continue the Alternative Insights pain point series on The Client of the Future – Innovating around the Client Experience, today, Dave Eagle, Head of Client Solutions and Innovation at Royds Withy King, delves into client expectations and argues that in the Legal sector it isn’t all about service as many would assume…

It’s all about service, right?

Wrong! Today being a great lawyer isn’t enough; you need to work on Business Development strategies and compelling value-add propositions to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Clients also have increased expectations and want service delivered when and where it’s convenient for them. And while the client expects this interaction to be a five star experience, don’t be fooled into thinking they want to spend their precious time with you!

The client of the future wants an outstanding, “always on” service with the minimum amount of interaction – time saved here gives you more time to support the clients who do want a much more tailored experience.

How can I service the client of the future?

The client of the future is looking for a platform based experience. They need to get something from interacting with you as a company. Instead of giving your client screens of information to fill out, look at ways of enhancing the time they spend on your platform.

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