Continuing Alternative Insights view from the Professional Services marketplace around The Client of the Future – Innovating around the Client Experience.

Today’s perspective is from Melanie Ryan, Head of Client and Technology Solutions, Alternative Legal Services at Herbert Smith Freehills, and delves into the expectations of the Legal sector client of the future and the validity and potential of applying technology to support both the client and the firms business needs…

The client of the future in our sector will require even more for less. This phrase commonly triggers thoughts of more work product for less cost but I think the client of the future will actually want more depth to their legal services, with more value being added to their business as part of doing business with us.

For example, I see clients who have vast amounts of data in their businesses contained in contracts. These documents and how they are created/negotiated hold a great deal of knowledge about their business and the in-house legal function. The issue for our clients is how do you mine that data and extract from it valuable insights that not only enhance the operation of their team but also demonstrate real value to their corporation both legally and commercially.

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