The Integrated Practice Article

The Integrated Practice – White Paper

The one overlooked problem holding progressive accounting firms back and what to do about it.

Executive Summary

This white paper has been written for partners, marketing and business development professionals working in progressive accounting firms across the world.

Progressive firms want to improve the client experience and automate repetitive tasks, so human interventions are reduced, and the value of relationships is maximised. Those that are keen to exploit the market opportunity of cloud accounting, artificial intelligence and machine learning, also want to empower proactive marketing and drive managed business development activities.

This paper proposes that there is a key problem holding progressive firms back. And that problem is data silos; inaccessible quantities of data, locked away in different systems.

Data silos make the practice less efficient and effective in all areas of the practice because activities are time-consuming, resource hungry and frustrating.

The solution is to embed an Integrated Client Relationship Management (CRM) system at the heart of the practice. Doing this enables firms to eliminate inefficient data silos and connect systems so that data can flow throughout the practice.

The cost of putting Integrated CRM at the heart of the practice is returned many times over. This strategy saves time, reduces risks from GDPR and mistakes as well as enabling a practice to maximise the value of relationships. It also leverages growth investment by empowering proactive marketing and managed business development activities.

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