Continuing Alternative Insights view from the Professional Services marketplace around The Client of the Future – Innovating around the Client Experience.

Today, Robert Stark, Senior Executive Director of Strategy & Operations, MAPP provides his views on the challenges faced and the approaches to take in the Property sector when innovating around the client experience…

In L.P Hartley’s lyrical book ‘The Go-Between’, the past was a foreign country, where things were indeed done differently. But today the future is an undiscovered, though certainly not unimagined country, where things will have to be seen to be believed.

My role at MAPP is to attempt to interpret what things are to come, so that we as a business can prepare accordingly. This means imagining the client of the future – what they might look like and what they will want and need.

That requires an appreciation of influences outside the real estate sector and an extensive environmental analysis that can generate an understanding of the macro factors that might have an impact on our industry. To that end, it is useful to be involved in the Alternative Events “Tech & Innovation” summits, to gain a broader insight into the wider world of key professional service sectors, including Legal, Accounting &

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