Alternative Insights challenged the Professional Services market to answer the question:

“What does the client of the future look like in your sector, what are their needs and expectations and how do you intend to effectively service them?”

Robert Camp, Director of Strategic Innovation at Stephens Scown discusses his experiences and expectations of the LEGAL sector and asks…

Why do professional services firms find it so hard to listen to their clients?

“We need to listen to what our clients really say and what they really want.”

But why is that so challenging for professional services firms?

“A big problem is being inherently risk averse,” says Robert Camp, Director of Strategic Innovation at South West law firm Stephens Scown LLP.

“Our clients want speed, the ability to track what is happening with the work we are doing for them and information prompts from us, rather than having to chase us. They want a comprehensive service. The bottom line is that they want us to make their life easier.”

Other sectors are delivering this now, and according to Robert, it is time that professional service firms follow suit.

“Last week I opened a bank account with Monzo.

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