Accenture goes deeper into quantum computing web

Accenture goes deeper into quantum computing

Dublin-based consulting firm Accenture says it could begin selling quantum consulting services within the next several years as more companies express interest in the technology. Accenture’s research and development division has since 2015 deployed staff on exploring quantum computing’s potential impact on business problems. “We see quantum computing as a technology that has potential applicability across the board for many of our customers,” said Carl Dukatz, principal director of Accenture’s quantum-computing practice. IBM is also allowing experimentation with their early-stage quantum-computing machines via the cloud, Mr. Dukatz added. Accenture was earlier this year granted a patent for an algorithm that could be used by a client to determine whether a quantum computer or a classical one would be best suited to solving a mathematical problem. About 100 Accenture employees around the world are engaged in quantum-computing work.

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