Flatfair and CBRE to offer deposit alternative solutions web

Flatfair and CBRE to offer deposit alternative solutions

Flatfair, the deposit-free renting provider, and CBRE UK Residential Lettings are to offer deposit alternative solutions after the two firms signed a partnership, with thousands of tenants and landlords gaining access to flatfair’s membership service via as a result of the agreement. Under the system, landlords using CBRE can ask tenants to pay a one-off fee, equivalent to one week’s rent, to join flatfair instead of taking a deposit. Flatfair provides residential landlords up to 12 weeks protection, alongside a free debt recovery option for additional claims. Sharief Ibrahim, director, Residential Agency, CBRE, remarked: “We are pleased to be able to offer tenants an alternative to providing an up-front deposit, and access to a digitalised deposit and deposit-free registration process through flatfair’s platform,” while Franz Doerr, CEO and founder of flatfair, noted: “We strongly believe that our technology solution offers a safer, more streamlined approach in comparison with the numerous insurance products that have entered the deposit replacement market, and are pleased that CBRE has recognised that.”

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