Phil Ratcliffe, UK MD of Drees & Sommer, explains in PlaceTech the need for a simple pooled data dashboard, noting that to collaborate effectively, engineers, project managers, and real estate consultants need to rely on a single set of information. Clients also require access to the same information, he states, but the proptech tools marketplace is at present “fragmented”. It is noted that Drees & Somme’s Stuttgart Innovation Hub has developed a data aggregation tool, one of a series of innovations including an asset management tool, which were inspired by the lack of a tool to cover all bases, which works consistently and reliably under different circumstances. Ratcliffe suggests that the wider industry should openly develop their tools and platforms, with improved integration, improved data, improved decisions and an improved user experience provided as a result; he emphasises the importance of the standardisation of data for a high-performative customised smart building.

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