Arup and wellness real estate firm Delos have teamed up to address health and wellness in buildings, with the new BUS Wellbeing survey designed to help firms monitor the impact their office infrastructure has on their employees. Staff illness currently costs British firms £77bn annually in lost productivity, with companies increasingly planning moves to tackle Sick Building Syndrome and related issues. This follows recent praise for Arup’s collaborative design of the timber-based HAUT office complex in Amsterdam. The BUS Wellbeing survey combines the existing standard BUS Methodology Occupant Satisfaction Survey and Delos’ Building Wellness Survey and is available in multiple languages with location-specific sets. Darren Wright, Arup Building Performance and Systems Director, remarked: “While the standard BUS Methodology Occupant Satisfaction Survey focuses on occupants’ experience of a building e.g. thermal comfort, air quality, lighting, personal control, the Delos Building Wellness Survey assesses their wellbeing in terms of access to nature, nutrition, physical activity and mental health. By combining the two, the new survey offers clients a more comprehensive analysis of how a building’s design impacts its staff and business.”

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