In Part 1 of this article I explored some of the recent cross-industry news around the areas of internal efficiency, data, culture and collaboration. In this second part I will explore some thoughts around innovation approach and productisation. I will also set out in some more detail the areas we will be exploring over the next few months with your help, around the client of the future, workplace transformation and how collaboration is changing the dynamic. We will be starting this month with looking at the client of the future and seeking to build more bridges across the services sectors around how people are driving innovation in this area, so get in touch if you would like to write on this topic.

Innovation approach

The approach towards innovation continues to evolve rapidly. As I touched on in an earlier article though, there is the risk of an authenticity gap emerging between the stated innovation goals and the actions being taken. Following on from the recent leadership summit where the clear themes emerged around innovation process, culture and data, it is clear that more work is needed around embedding effective innovation processes for many firms (see summary of the themes here).

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