So much of what professional services firms are dealing with around the areas of technology evolution is not unique to their sector, and yet very often there is a tendency to adopt a relatively insular view. Alternative Insights was set up with the intent of looking across the sectors and looking for the bridges that can be built to connect otherwise siloed thinking. Topics that I have covered so far such as data and how it is being used, the rise of blockchain and the authenticity gap in innovation goals compared to actions are all cross-sector topics. However, we need to go further. We want to start framing the debate more and getting the best industry experts sharing how change is being handled in their sector around particular topics. There are enough news sites out there, but what innovation leaders want is depth and analysis to stimulate thinking. However, a community site only works when a community collaborates.

In this two-part article I will be reviewing some recent change across the sectors, grouped by some common themes, and then introducing our plans for the coming quarter on the topics we plan to explore, where you can get involved.

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