How ‘the other half’ brands tech

How ‘the other half’ brands tech
What can accountancy and law teach each other about branding tech and innovation?

Disrupting the disruptors
Accountancy and law have much in common – and both are being disrupted. The Big 4 play a huge part in this, as do a swarm of tech and alternative service providers. As clients pursue efficiency and cost effectiveness, this will continue.

Previously, clients were reluctant to buy from unknown businesses. Now, disrupters sell legal services to GCs and accountancy services to FDs.

With everyone scrambling to innovate and clients inundated by competing claims, we’ve identified some lessons both accountancy and law can learn about branding tech. Our findings primarily come from our report ‘From Confusion to Clarity: How law firms brand innovation and lawtech’ (top 30 UK law firms), and from reviewing websites of the top 15 UK accountancy firms.

Fighting back
The Big 4 possess resources for harnessing technology that allow them to make choices which set the scene.

However, the legal sector is fighting back and shows clear evolution in brand strategy. As law buzzes with change, especially among the premier set, some firms adopt a sub-branding strategy to create distinction between expertise and how it’s delivered (BCPI Cubed and NRF Transform, for example).

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Grahame Jones

Grahame Jones

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Grahame Jones is Founder and Director of Soukias Jones Design.