Proptech must provide tangible and immediate benefits web

Proptech must provide ‘tangible and immediate’ benefits

Michael Day, managing director of Integra Property Services and director of lettings platform teclet, says only proptech that provides “tangible and immediate benefits” to both business and end users will be enduringly successful. He says: “We have all heard the stories about technology finding solutions for problems that don’t really exist and there are undoubtedly examples of that although they often don’t exist for very long” adding “More crucially, there’s been a lot of noise recently around ‘joining up’ the many and various software and other services that permeate the lettings industry, rather than agents and others having to spend time (and therefore cost) in inputting the same data into various systems and platforms.” He identifies approaches to three key areas – maiximising income, reducing costs and improving service – that he says are ripe for change.