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Part 2: Are You Experienced?

The User Experience is key to any system roll out. If you don’t win the battle for hearts and minds early, you’ll ultimately lose the war of rolling out your new technology to your users. It’s those users that ultimately make that conscious decision about how they use, or don’t use, technology in the workplace.

Vendor: “OK, now you’re finally logged on (sorry about that) you’ll see many things on your home screen. These are the only charts, tables and squares of information we can display at this time. Only some of these don’t apply to your role.”

Lawyer: “Can I click on any of these to see more detail?”

V: “No.”

L: “What does this button do?”

V: “You can’t access that feature because of your license.”

L: “Why can I see it, then?”

V: “It’s a feature that really sells the platform.”

L: “But I can’t use it?”

V: “No.”

L: “Can you hide it from my view?”

V: “That’s on our roadmap.”

L: “OK <sighs>…  so how do I set up my work?”

V: “Did you get the system generated email sent last month?”

L: “You mean this one in my in my junk folder that Windows thinks is a genuine phishing email?”

V: “Yes… now just go to the top menu… and choose the second from the bottom, yep… keep scrolling, there it is. Now from the sub menu choose the third option, no the third option… that third option, right, yes – and then from that menu choose the right group you’ve been allocated to in the email and select ‘New’…”

L: “None of these groups match our department structure”

V: “No, these are our standard set based on our extensive industry research that you purchased as part of our offering as a company.”

L: “Can these be changed?”

V: “No”

L: “So how do I know which one I am meant to choose?”

V: “You can look it up on the mapping table on p29 of the cheat sheet.”

L: “OK <sighs>… Which fields do I fill in on this screen?”

V: “All of them.”

L: “But, I’m not in the Global Markets and acquisitions team?”

V: “Just put ‘N/A’ in those fields.”

L: “All 20 of them?”

V: “Yes!”

L: “Can that be defaulted?”

V: “No.”

L: “Can you remove them from my screen?”

V: “No.”

L: “OK <sighs>… Bob needs access to this matter. Do I add him to the security group?”

V: “Yes, by sending him a task that his manager approves.”

L: “I’m Bob’s manager!”

V: “Great. The rules engine that comes as standard will send you a task to approve in the overnight batch job that runs… as long as the connectivity issue we’ve been seeing is fixed… you’ll get a notification email…”

L: “The task I am about to send?”

V: “Yes”

L: “…<sighs>… Then Bob will be added on the matter?”

V: “Then you can add him to the matter at the security screen.”

L: “This screen I am on right now?”

V: “Yes…”

L: “<sighs>… What does this search feature do?”

V: “It’s been disabled.”

L: “Why?”

V: “Due to security being broken by the Matter allocation task and approval process.”

L: “When will it be fixed?”

V: “Version 5.”

L: “What version are we currently on”

V: “3”

L: “Right <sighs>… OK, so Mary said I should already see some approvals on my matters I need to action?”

V: “You should see them in the approvals tab on the matter. “

L: “I don’t see it.”

V: “You need to go in to ‘My Matters’…”

L: “I did.”

V: “Not from that screen. That screen is ‘my matters’. ‘My Matters’ is on the front screen. Totally different view”

L: “Right… OK, the approval button is greyed out.”

V: “You need to set the tax parameters…”

L: “How do I know what they are? I don’t work in Tax!”

V: “There was a whole hour spent on this in the 6-hour training sessions we ran 2 months ago”

L: “OK <sighs>… I’m going to approve this invoice. I’m getting an error message. It says I’m not the owner of the matter. I am set as owner! <points at screen>”

V: “Huh, strange. It might be the workflow… or your permissions as owner not being set right, or because you’re not using Chrome.”

L: “We can’t use Chrome, it’s against company policy. Is this normal?”

V: “Chrome is our preferred browser option…I’ve never seen this before…, except that one time in the testing, I think we moved the fix to ‘Phase 2’… We may have to wait until Jack is online on the West Coast.”

L: “When will that be?”

V: “About 8 hours, Jack will know… So, any other questions or are you all set?”

L: “No, thanks <sighs>. This is great <smiles>. Thanks for your time!”

V: “No problem! Have a great day <gets up to move to next desk>”

L: “Thanks <sighs>… <opens up email and starts a spreadsheet. Closes new application browser window>”




David Griffin

David Griffin

Head of Legal & Governance Systems and Change at BT PLC