Main If there’s one thing you do this year it should be 2FA

If there’s one thing you do this year, it should be 2FA

Daniel Teacher, Managing Director at T-Tech, gives his personal view on the importance of security and having 2FA.

Over the last year I have seen many friends and family text, email, or call me, or post on their social media about how a variety of their Facebook, Hotmail, Gmail, work, and lots of other accounts have been compromised, often leading to them losing complete access to these accounts.

What are you doing about 2FA? Get started today.

Barring the significant inconvenience this causes, imagine the amount of data these hackers now have about you if they are in full control of all these accounts. You are now in the position where you have to change all your email address information with all your different providers and subscriptions. In some instances, I have even seen cases of these details used to embezzle tens of thousands of pounds from a business.

We all know how difficult managing your passwords can be, given we have hundreds of portals and social media accounts that we access every day. The challenge that we have is that we all use the same or similar passwords for all these different things. So, if the hackers crack it in one place, there’s no reason they can’t access everywhere else.

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