Main Have you considered the impact of your IT project on your people

Have you considered the impact of your IT project on your people?

Change management describes the approach required to support an individual and organisation through organisational change and, consequently, is fundamental to the success of any project.

In recent years I have found that, although its importance is more widely acknowledged, often, it is assumed that standard project planning and management incorporates the activities required to drive change. With this view not enough time is spent considering and preparing people, leaving the organisation ill-equipped and unprepared for what lies ahead.

Microsoft has just hosted their Future Decoded 2017 event and the theme of organisational change was a key focus throughout the day. Successful delivery of an IT project is particularly challenging due to the complexity of the change required. An organisation isn’t simply asking for employees to use a new system; they are asking their people to change business processes, behaviours and potentially adapt to a new working culture.

Next time you are starting a project, ask yourself if you’ve considered the following:

Have you prepared your people?

Change management differs from and complements project management activities and should run alongside project management – from conception, to implementation and beyond.
Throughout the life of a project, individuals will experience the impact of the change in different ways and at different times depending on who they are.

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