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Part 1: Don’t believe the Hype

It’s 2009, and I’m on the phone attempting to get hold of a developer who I’ve been told can help in my quest for a data feed that I’ve been desperately searching for. This is key to me setting up my approval workflow in our new and shiny Legal e-Billing system due to go-live in a panicked few weeks.

When I finally get hold of him and explain who I am, what I want, and why he really should drop everything else he’s doing to help this increasingly desperate-sounding Program Manager, he replied quizzically “We have a Legal Technology department?”. The conversation went on, with me explaining that ‘Yes’ there was a Legal Technology team, and ‘No’ we didn’t just fix the Lawyers printers when they break (OK we also did that sometimes… if they asked nicely).  I explained we were actually putting in real technology with tangible business benefits which was very important for the bank and please could he just help me out with getting the data over to us!

Fast forward 10 years and surprisingly I find myself still having some of these same conversations, which is surprising given the present-day climate of requests for clarity on the value we bring to an organisation, quantifiable and qualified data requested at every turn.

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David Griffin

David Griffin

Head of Legal & Governance Systems and Change at BT PLC