“The Alternative Tech & Innovation Leaders’ Summit: Professional Services” passes the Ronseal test.  As we head to day two of what has been an excellent event, I can confirm that I have heard a great deal about tech and innovation in professional services.  I have been fortunate to hear from, meet and chat with some very able folks all grappling in their various ways with the change that surrounds professional services. I have heard about EY’s strategy of 1000 flowers, I’ve listened to the descriptions of innovation as analysed by the Susskind’s – type 1 re-engineering the existing and type 2 re-invention of the professions.  I’ve heard suggestions from Alex Smith of iManage RAVN that we need to be “bringing back boring”.  Itself simply a well-judged way to talk about the importance of the fundamentals as opposed to “shiny baubles”.  Thought provoking stuff!

When you take a couple of days out to attend an event like this – and to properly attend, not to slope out early on day two, it’s a real investment of time and perhaps more importantly – attention!  It has created a small slither of space for me to reflect on our business and where we are with our own project to build a purpose-led professional services business based on a clear mission, values and fundamental beliefs.  

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