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Who are the architects of change?

“The Alternative Tech & Innovation Leaders’ Summit: Professional Services” passes the Ronseal test.  As we head to day two of what has been an excellent event, I can confirm that I have heard a great deal about tech and innovation in professional services.  I have been fortunate to hear from, meet and chat with some very able folks all grappling in their various ways with the change that surrounds professional services. I have heard about EY’s strategy of 1000 flowers, I’ve listened to the descriptions of innovation as analysed by the Susskind’s – type 1 re-engineering the existing and type 2 re-invention of the professions.  I’ve heard suggestions from Alex Smith of iManage RAVN that we need to be “bringing back boring”.  Itself simply a well-judged way to talk about the importance of the fundamentals as opposed to “shiny baubles”.  Thought provoking stuff!

When you take a couple of days out to attend an event like this – and to properly attend, not to slope out early on day two, it’s a real investment of time and perhaps more importantly – attention!  It has created a small slither of space for me to reflect on our business and where we are with our own project to build a purpose-led professional services business based on a clear mission, values and fundamental beliefs.  

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Michael Burne

Michael Burne

Carbon Law Partners
I am the founder and Chief Exec of Carbon Law Partners. Carbon is a platform that provides support to professional services firms. Our own brand law firm, Carbon Law Partners, operates using the Carbon platform and is a commercial and private client law firm being built by clients for clients. My background is in changing and developing professional services businesses, but I am a City lawyer by trade. This has given me a unique insight into what businesses want from professional services from the perspective of being both a lawyer and a client. I understand the limitations of traditional law firms and the type of support that businesses need. The market for professional advice needs to change and is changing. So we created Carbon. Carbon's mission is to "create and develop the conditions for exceptional people to flourish" - that's our why! We do that by aspiring to our 3 values - to be astute candid and enterprising. We live by our four beliefs - quality for our clients, an ownership stake for our people, freedom and value in retirement for our lawyers and an ongoing passion for developing. Each day we live by 7 qualities that inspire us all. You can find out more at www.flourishwithcarbon.com